Friday, March 31, 2006

New Hybrid Saab uses No Fossil Carbon

I think that there is a basic misunderstanding among many people about the globalSaab 9-3 warming crisis that’s looming. The problem is not about heat production i.e. concrete gives off a lot of heat as it’s curing, it’s not about burning wood, it’s not about humans or animals breathing or farting. What it is about is pouring tons of fossil carbon in to the atmosphere. Fossil Carbon is the carbon that has been locked up as oil or coal for millions of years; we are releasing it faster than it can be locked up again.

The earth is not heated by human or animal activity it is heated by the sun. The sun warms the earth and that energy is radiated back off into space. Over the past million or so years there has been equilibrium between the amount of carbon that enters the atmosphere and the amount of carbon that is locked up again as plant and animal, biomass. Burning wood does not change this burning fossil fuels does change the balance. Pouring tons of carbon into the atmosphere changes the amount of heat that the earth radiates back into space.

The new Saab 9-3 is a hybrid that uses 100% ethanol. So here we have a technology that is carbon neutral. It is a technology that I hope General Motors, Saabs parent company, jumps all over. Read all about this new car at the auto channel

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Spray Max 2K clear has arrived and it's as good as advertised. This is the real stuff real urethane clear in a spray can. See my post about Spray Max 2K Primer

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I just recived the new issue of Fender Bender Magazine (Vol. 1 No.2) and I got to say I like it. Best of luck with your new enterprise. They of have a web site that is not active yet.
They have a little story about a
man sentenced in Colorado for 15 months for failing to disclose that salvaged cars were rebuilt....The indictment charged that he falsely and fraudulently misrepresented facts concerning the extent of the repairs made to the cars.
I won't say it's a common practice but alot of cars go back on to the street that should be parts cars.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Just for the record my bracket is totaly wrecked I had Duke going all the way and I loved Gonzaga.Villinava now got to be the strongest team but it would be great to see Wichita State in there.
Auto Blog reports that Volkswagon of Brazil will switch to 100% flex-fuel drivetrains that on ethanol, gasoline, or a mix thereof.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spray Max Primer

I have a real excellent new product today. The German company Peter Kwansy has brought their Spray Max line of primers to the United States. The revolutionary step is Spray Max is real 2K primer in a spray can. We have been selling 1K urethane primer in a spray can for a while now and all though it is a major advance over lacquer primer it was still single component primer. With the Spray Max primer we are now able to a have real 2 component product in a spray can.
There are three different primers an epoxy, a direct to metal epoxy and urethane. The trick is in the can there is a smaller compartment in side the can and when you activate the two parts mix together.
These primers will give high build, good color hold out and great chemical resistance. Use the epoxy when you need the best adhesion, the urethane for maximum flexibility and the direct to metal when you are down to bare metal.
As you can see in the diagram the inner container is activated by taking the red plunger out of the cap and pushing on the bottom valve, this releases the second component and after shaking vigorously you have primer. The can says you have 8 hours to use it before it hardens.
They promise we will see 2K urethane clear soon. It's on the boat just over the horizon.
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