Friday, June 13, 2008

Memo to SW we are not the competition

A customer came in the store the other day and with a very nice presentation book The Sherwin Williams Color Planet custom color book. It is a very nice book very cool colors much like PPG's Vibrance collection or Dupont's Hot Hues all interesting. All vying for that special niche market that House of Kolor has owned for years.
House of Kolor was started by Jon Kosmoski and made popular Kandy paint (Semi Transperent paint that is used over Metallics so the metallic sparkles through) HOK is owned by Valspar but they have recently brought Kosmoski back in to the company in a contributing capacity, they seemed to have been drifting for a long time.
The thing is about the Color Planet book, I had never seen one before and I sell Sherwin Williams automotive paint. We are and authorized jobber for SW and we buy form their company store here in town. But they treat us not so much as the competition but as the ugly step sister that "well we don't like to talk about don't-you-know."
It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. In trying to keep all of the sales to them selves they keep it from being viewed by a larger market.

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