Sunday, February 19, 2006

C A Tecnologies

Yesterday I visited C A Technology in the high tech corroder between Denver and Boulder Colorado. C A Technology makes spray equipment. As a small company, put together in 1998 when guys from Binks R&D got together to start their own company, they have not concentrated on the automotive market. Very reasonably they are concentrating building spray guns for industry and woodworking applications.
That’s not to say they don’t build very fine spray guns for automotive applications. I was there to pick up one of their Techline guns. I was interested in an HVLP gravity gun with a 1.3-millimeter fluid tip and one of their 300 series air caps. The Techline is a mid range gun priced in the low $200 range.
I was taken on a tour of their facility and learned that all parts are made locally in Colorado machine shops. All fluid nozzles are then hand lapped and are custom assembled. Cliff Little assembled my gun. the body is mated with the Fluid nozzle. Then the appropriate air cap is installed and the guns are individually tested.
While I was there I also took a look at their top end gun the Jaguar SLP it is an HVLP gun machined from stainless steel then anodized. I also took a look at their newest gun the Techline Jr a mini gun that comes with both an aluminum cup and a plastic one and three needle and fluid nozzle set ups .08mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm that will sell for $155.00

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