Sunday, April 02, 2006

Abralon by Mirka polish your clear coat

When we think of sanding we usually think of cutting the finer the grind of the rock the finer the scratch. Mirka the Finnish abrasive manufacturer makes an innovative 6 in DA disk that uses knotted nylon instead of aluminum oxide or Silicon Carbide. Abrilon (no I have no idea what it means maybe it’s Finnish for something) comes in 800, 1000, 2000, and 4000 grit. I don’t know the application of the 800 grit but the 2000 and 4000 have some very enthusiastic fans for polishing clear coat. There is real attration for me to use my DA rather then hand sand. However not every one that tries it likes it. Here are Mirkas’ suggestions for use

  The following information is designed as a starting point when repairing
clearcoat defects such as dirt, orange peel and runs. Final grit selection
may be changed to meet specific application requirements. Abralon should be
used wet....
Place sander on the part before starting. Using moderate pressure, level
sand the surface....
2000 grit Abralon must be used wet. Place sander on the part before
starting. Using moderate pressure, feather the leveled area to match
the sheen of the surrounding surface. Abralon will remove the grit marks
and bring the finish of the repair area to the desired gloss level.
For ultimate gloss, repeat with Abralon 4000 grit.

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