Friday, June 09, 2006

Lacquer Primer does not Protect

Every year some one comes into the store and wants to buy a gallon of lacquer primer and says, " I'm just going to prime it now and I'll paint it next summer."
Sounds good, seems to make sense the thing is lacquer primer does not protect the metal and because it is porous it actually holds water against the metal. This is the result.

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Eddy Luten said...

Ouch, nice car gone pretty bad. Nice BLOG, and good tips.

Keep it up,

Anonymous said...

Question -- I had caught my bumper on the garage door and it left a big white strip of paint on the bumper when I went down to get it fixed they used lacquer primer and wiped off the paint from the garage door -- they said it will work on the other scratches I have on the side of my vehicle -- is this true? won't it pull off the original paint too?

jim lyons said...

My guess is they used lacquer thinner to wipe off the white paint. Lacquer thinner will do the trick but urethane reducer will work even better and will be less likely to dull your cars paint.