Sunday, November 26, 2006

Waterborne paint is coming

With the deadline fast approaching for the adoption of waterborne urethane in Europe, reported that General Motors has announced that "Sherwin-Williams' AWX and Akzo Nobel's Sikkens Autowave waterborne paint systems have received approval from General Motors for use in North American collision repair centres."
What does this mean for small repair shops and hobbyists? Well I guess I'm going to put a UV curing light on my Christmas list. Seriosly this is going to be an advantage to the biggest shops and another impediment to the small guys.


Anonymous said...
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jim lyons said...

The only time I will delete a comment is when it is spam

WES said...

Why an impediment. Safer, same equipment, sounds good to me.

the666bbq said...

hi Jim, I got the color of my 32 year old vintage Vespa analysed and the shop gave me Sikkens Autowave RM. I planned to use this paint to spotrepair some 'issues' on the Vespa but I think the Vespa is unilack (when I wetsand it, it gives me yellow residu as is the overall color, not white milky residu) and the Autowave system needs a clearcoat afterwards aparently - would that be a problem ? Would it be better/easier to use a 2K Autocryl paint that doesn't need a clearcoat ?

Terry said...

Which of the Waterborne systems would you say is the best and most complete.

jim lyons said...

I'm not sure which of the waterborne systems is the most complete because I haven't been able to try any except the SW system.
I will be writing a post on it sometime soon but I just haven't worked with it much yet either, but what I have used I've loved.
Waterborne is now well tested in Europe and the bugs have been worked out. There are some things that you will have to do differently when you switch to waterborne but more about that later