Saturday, March 22, 2008

Acme Returns not with out problems

I got to work this morning to find a new product on the shelf. Sherwin Williams has brought back the Acme label. When I first started in the paint business the store that I worked for sold Acme and aside for some snickers about the name association with Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner it was a widely loved product.
Like a lot of big companies SW markets it's products under lots of trade names but in 1996 SW folded Acme into the Sherwin Williams, I remember the binder we received "Combining Our Mix in 96" Now it's back.
Down to practice maters I looked on the gallon cans of acrylic enamel to see the mix ratio you know so I could tell my customers how to use it. THERE ARE NO MIXING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN! I hate this why, didn't the know when they made the label or is the information secret. But undeterred I went to the website that contained the PDS (product data sheets) sounds good I'm pretty handy with the keyboard and all. The web site does not exsist it redirets you to and there are noPDS on the site. Come on Sherwin Williams you can do better than this.
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Anonymous said...

That's precisely why everyone is switching to better paint products that give you all the proper mix ratios so you do not have to pull your hair out. I thought Sherwin Williams was barn paint and should be used as such.

I wouldn't be caught dead spraying that stuff on my car !!!!!


jim lyons said...

You are not alone Mike there are lots of people that feel that way. I am intrigued by the strong brand loyalties people have. I'm a Mac guy I'm a Linux guy. I'm a PPG guy I'm a DuPont Guy I'm a Standox guy
Facts are SW is the second largest paint company in the world (ICI is the largest) and the only US paint company that only makes paint. It has the largest R&D department and the it is very user friendly.
When asked what is the best paint my usual answer is "the one you have the best results with."

Anonymous said...

I concur Jim to "the one you have the best results with." But we need to look at the painters perspective, what is going to make him money, what is going to make the shop money and ultimatly what is the customer's satisfaction going to be. I am a PC guy, a Wordpress guy and a PPG guy.

When asked what paint is the best I say "the one where it is easy to use, has minimal comebacks and makes me money on a consistant basis"