Saturday, October 24, 2009

Matrix MPB-9000 Black

Here at Allen Paint we sell Sherwin Williams Ultra 7000 as our premier line. The Ultra 7000 is the basecoat I recommend for exact matches on newer cars it is excellent paint and I love it. It is not cheap but for exact matches stands up to any paint line. For complete paint jobs we sell Sherwin's economy line Dimension not designed for matching but it's pretty close in most colors. One of the places it falls down is black. It just isn't deep enough it always looks just a little brown. Kinda disappointing
We do however Have 2 other lines of paint Matrix and Wanda.
Today I would like to tell you about the Matrix MPB-9000 this is a factory black base coat that is deep and dark and rich and very very black. That and it's reasonably priced we sell it for 128.95 a gallon. We also pour off quarts pints and half pints.
That said it is not really suitable for matching I looked up some formulas this morning Dodge PX8 has a little bit of yellow oxide and a little white. Ford UA black was similar. Mercedes Benz uses a little blue the point is this not for matching but if your painting a complete this is the ticket.

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Anonymous said...

I am a professionnal painter in a Chrysler dealership, and we had the Ultra 7000 system, and once our engagement done, out the door they went. We never ever had a product of poor quality. The clearcoats lost their shine, their sealer was a converted primer that had an spraying time window that made it unpractical. We have ever since switched to PPG and are happy with the results.

OYSART said...

I think that is awesome- do you know if they used auto wraps to do any of the paint/body work?

jim lyons said...

I know that wrapping cars is big some places (I have read about it's popularity in Australia) but it doesn't seem to be widely used in the USA. If someone has more information I would be interested.

Auto Select Blog said...

I think the MT64 is darker/deeper black than the MPB-9000. We've had some customers complain about the browness of the 9000 & tried MT64 straight mix and it came out darker in my opinion. We do sell, however, a lot of mpb-9000.