Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chrysler sold what's next for American Cars

So what are we to think of the sale of Chrysler?
Damler Benz has cut loose the Amaerican car maker for the bargin price of 7.4 billion dollars a company it bought in 1998 for 36 billion. Billed as a merger of equals Chrysler was a drag that DB was no longer willing to support. Yesterday it was announced that the Chrysler division lost 2 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year.
With Ford and Gm also running up huge losses can automobiles be produced profitably in the United States? Toyota seems to be able to do it. Maybe if the big three started making dependable, economical, fuel efficient cars that people fell love with there can still be a domestic auto industry.
Here's the thing that strikes me when I sit down and watch TV which admittedly is not that often, the advertising is for big trucks. Expensive gas gusselling trucks, that has to be a dead end I mean how many big trucks can Americans drive now that 4 dollar a gallon gas is looming

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