Friday, June 08, 2007

Fiberglass Evercoat Maxim System

Yesterday I attended a class given by Fiberglass Evercoat promoting their Maxim repair system. I'm a fan of Fiberglass Evercoat they have a good range of products and they are a very forward looking company.
The Maxim (click on the video icon for and overview) system of plastic repair, seam sealers, foams and adhesives are all packed in two part cartridges that use a standard caulking gun. There are four good videos on door skin replacement, bumper repair, bumper tab repair and body filler and putty. The video's showed me some mistakes I was making using the products and I will be changing some of my in store discussions of how to use them. I recommend that you take a look even if you have years of experience or if you are just getting started.
As with all product promotions they want you to use every product in their lineup but you should pick and choose as it fits your needs. There are good suggestions here and it is worth checking out
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