Friday, July 13, 2007

Bumper Repaired

I repaired a bumper today using the Evercoat system I talked about in my last post. Now I want to be clear I don't work for Fiberglass Evercoat, they don't pay me to write this and have never taken any money or gifts from them. I do work for a retail store that sells their products. But I love this stuff.
I repaired a 2007 Mitsubishi bumper that my friend Sal had discarded. Sal felt it was too badly broken his customer too picky, it seemed like a good piece for me to practice on.

The bumper has a piece broken out making it more challenging. At this point I have cleaned it and trimmed the ragged edges and sanded it.

I' m pretty happy with the result I had to use some glazing putty on the area that was broken out but I kept the lines the same.
Incidentally The material for the repair cost about $60. Sal paid $280 for a new bumper from the dealer but the bumper they gave him was not exactly right this is the bumper for the rally model so he'll have to go back to the dealer to see if they can locate the correct one for him.
I could have this back on the car and painted today.

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