Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PPG Waterborne at NACE

If your going to NACE this year stop by the PPG booth and see their line of waterborne basecoat system or their seminar "Introduction to Waterborne," on Friday, Nov. 2.
PPG has had a lot of expericnce in Europe with their NEXA AutocolorAquabase and we will be compelled to use it soon.
According to Doug Beuke, compliant segment manager for PPG North America,
"Shops in California and Canada are converting to PPG waterborne systems right now. PPG waterborne basecoat systems are as easy to use as solventborne systems, require no special additives, and feature non-stir toners that make mixing colors particularly fast and easy. PPG waterborne systems also provide consistent color and metallic control across a variety of different application techniques"

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