Saturday, September 29, 2007

Neil Slade's How to Paint Your Car

If you have read this blog for any length of time you have figured out that I work for a retail automotive paint store in Denver Colorado, Allen Paint. We are a small store and really specialize in hobbyists, restorers and back yard painters. We have taught many people to be painters.
Neil Slade came in one day angry and confused about bad advise he had gotten in the past. Neil became a good painter but more than that he has written about his experience, Thats what he does he's writer, musician and creator of new media.
Neil has written a book and set of movies that he is selling from his huge web site. Neil gave me a copy of the book to review and he has incorporated the important points that was in Jim Wallen's short paper " The Absolute Basic Guide to Painting Your Car"
Neil does not come at this from the point of view of as a seasoned professional but as a self taught amateur and that is really quite refreshing so if you have been doing this for a long time you are going to have some points that you will differ with Neil, I certainly did but nothing of substance.
Here is a sample of the video's that accompany the book

Whether you download the book or get the printed version I think this book is well worth it

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