Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Favorite Colors and Art Cars

Everybody has favorite colors it's one the things 5 year olds say to each other "Whats your favorite color?" orange? purple? Today at the paint store a guy came in and wanted to paint his car white. I asked "which white?" I mean there are dozens if not hundreds of whites. He had no opinion but was stunned to know I had a favorite white. It's Ford ZR ultra white it was used on 1999 Mustangs it's a very pure white with just a touch of blue.
Do you have a favorite blue, red pearl or green metalic please let me know.
A friend of mine is working on an art car. One side has a Japanese riseing sun in the background and Godzilla in the foreground I hope to get some photos soon if you have any please send them to me I would like to post some

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rob braun said...

It was nice to know that. Hope you can visit my blog too. Lots of things about cars are written there.